Frequently Asked Question

Q1: What is
A1: is an online platform offering free courses to anyone interested in developing their skills.


Q2: What are free online courses?
A2: Free online courses are classes or programs that are available online and can be taken at any time without having to pay any fees.


Q3: What are the benefits of taking courses on
A3: Taking courses on can help you develop your skills and knowledge, and prepare you for a job or career change.


Q4: What type of courses are available for free on
A4: offers a wide range of courses across different disciplines such as business, finance, technology, design, and more.


Q5: Who can take courses on
A5: Anybody can take courses on, regardless of skill level or educational background.


Q6: How can I access the online free courses on
A6: You can access the online free courses on by visiting the website and selecting the course you are interested in.


Q7: Are free online courses accredited?
A7: Many free online courses are not accredited, but some offer certificates or other qualifications upon completion.


Q8: Can I get a degree from taking free online courses?
A8: No, free online courses typically do not offer degrees. However, they can be a great way to supplement your existing education or to expand your skillset.